What We Do

Implementing creative ideas into your organization or church culture  can be a daunting task.  We want to help.  Jeff and Kristie are available to assist you in determining the needs, resources, and potential for creating fun and innovative ideas.  From one time workshops,  leading brainstorming meetings, or even a long term contract developing your creative process and mentoring your staff, we would love to help you in any way possible.  We are also available for consulting on large or small video projects.  This role includes content development, creative innovation, on-site direction and pre and post production oversight.


Creativity engages people.  An inspiring video can present a fundamental truth in a new way.  A humorous element can break the ice and open up hearts.  A creative environment makes people enjoy learning and motivates them to invite their friends and family to church.  We can help take your sermon ideas, outreach ideas, marketing, and even holiday specials and infuse originality and innovation.


You have creative people in your church.  They just might not know it yet!  Jeff and Kristie would love to spend time with your team to share practical ideas on worship and music, service planning and production, creative brainstorming processes, and many other topics.  But more importantly, we love to share the WHY behind creative methods and emphasize the Holy Spirit’s role in inspiring ALL creativity.


We would love to assist you in planning your special events.  From marriage seminars to outreach events to volunteer appreciation nights, we have lots of ideas to help you produce an event where your people will leave saying “wow.”  Jeff and Kristie are available to help you come up with a concept, program elements, decorating ideas, food and catering options, and marketing techniques.  We can simply help you get started, assist your team along the way, or plan the whole darn thing.


Part of the mission of Fourth Floor Ministries is to provide creative resources to disciple, encourage, and inspire the body of Christ.  Through books, bible studies, curriculum, music, articles, and video blogs, we desire to present Biblical principles in a fresh and creative way.