Who We Are

Jeff and Kristie Kerr LOVE a good idea.

Awesome idea #1: Jeff moving from Canada to Minnesota where he met his lovely bride while attending North Central University.  They began working in full time ministry in 1997, as the music directors at Oak Hills Church in Eagan, MN.  In 2001, they became the Creative Arts Pastor’s at River Valley Church in Apple Valley, MN.  Their job included developing sermon series ideas, service planning, decorating and stage design, writing and producing video projects, along with leading the music and tech departments.

Brand new idea:  In 2011, they founded Fourth Floor Ministries, a creative resource for churches and organizations.  Their goal is to provide creative content and empower and equip the body of Christ to use creative methods to spread the good news of Jesus.  In addition to writing books, curriculum, and music, they love to lead creative arts workshops as well as mentoring pastors and worship leaders on expanding the creative process in their churches.

They believe that God inspired creativity is one of the greatest methods for churches and organizations to share the gospel.

Best idea EVER: their four children…Lucy, Charlie, Betty & Dottie.

Oh yeah… and why fourth floor?

Well, it’s not cause we think we’re SO creative that we’ve achieved some imaginary ‘top level’ in creativity, as if to say “We’re SO creative….sure you all may think you’re creative, but you’re so 3rdFloor… We are on the FOURTH FLOOR!… boom”

Because what happens when someone starts a company and calls it…. Oh I don’t know… 5th Floor?  Well, then we’re out of luck.

Here’s the deal….

We were visiting a friend in the hospital.  As we got onto the elevator, we punched the appropriate button and Kristie sighed and said, “Remember going to the fourth floor?  That’s where all our babies were born.”  As we were contemplating what to call our new venture, we kept coming back to the thought that we wanted to help bring new ideas into the world.  We wanted our company to be a place where God was inspiring new things and helping us find unique ways to share the truth of His love.

We love being creative.  We love it when a creative idea is born and brought into the world.

Thus, the fourth floor… where ideas are born.