Either He is God, or He’s not.

Posted on March 8, 2011 by Jeff

I’m in the airport, returning home from a very bitter, very sweet trip home to Toronto.


The reason for the trip was to attend the funeral service for my cousin’s husband Robbie Hall.  Robbie was tragically killed in a construction accident in Zambia.  Robbie and Kate (my cousin) and their three kids had been living in Zambia for about 6 months and they were volunteering at the Bible College where my parents teach.


The funeral was Saturday.  It was one of those funerals that were deeply spiritual and meaningful.  It was a lengthy service but it didn’t feel lengthy.  As each person spoke, each one spoke with passion and eloquence.  Tears were shed, Robbie was remembered and the strong presence of a mighty loving God was felt.


My Dad shared how much Robbie and Kate’s investment had meant to the surrounding communities in Zambia.  These are some of the poorest communities in the world and Robbie poured into them by teaching them agricultural techniques that turned barren fields into vast thriving crops.  Rob and Kate’s sacrifice and investment will literally and figuratively bear fruit for generations.


This was a deeply profound, spiritual funeral.  There wasn’t a single word spoken questioning God, but rather it seemed to me that everyone in attendance (Robbie’s family included), was able to, through many tears, humbly honor a loving, all-powerful, faithful God.  “God is Good, God is Strong.”


My cousin Todd was the last to speak.  He’s Kate’s brother and he loved Robbie like a brother.  He preached with passion and eloquence.  I was quite impressed.  He preached from 2 cor 2.  He began by recalling his sister’s email to him on the day of the accident.  “Robbie died today… now what?”


“Now…. thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.”  2 Cor 2:14


Near the end of his sermon, Todd spoke about having our faith rise in the knowledge of God.  He used these words that are still ringing in my ears:  “Either He is God, or He is not”.  I’ve been thinking about those words ever since then.  “Either He is God, or He is not.”


If He is not God, than we have reason to fear, we have reason to be self-serving, we have reason to hoard our money and treat our church services like motivational rallies for our self-esteem.  We are fine to worship in a self-pleasing manner and to be concerned with our own interests and comfort.


If he is not God, we will find ourselves at a funeral like Robbie’s and be completely void of hope.  Searching for answers, peering into a dark future.


But He is GOD.


Not just a giver of hope, but He is hope.  Not just powerful, but All-Power.  Not just merciful, He IS mercy.  Not loving, He IS LOVE.  Not just able to provide, but the creator of everything that can be provided.


I’ve said before that the key to pure worship of God is having an accurate view of God.  When we acknowledge that He is God and get the smallest of glimpses into what that really means, we respond.  We live differently.  We worship not out of self-service, but out of the fear of God in reverence and awe.  When we SEE GOD, we repent of sin, we lay down our lives in complete devotion to HIM.  We worry less.  We sin less.  We think less highly of ourselves and humbly and reverently throw ourselves down at His feet in desperate need of His mercy and faithfulness.  After all, He’s not our buddy, our doctor, a good teacher or our therapist.  He is GOD.  We think we understand God.  We think we know whom we’re dealing with.  We have no idea.  We get but a small glimpse.  Almighty God, creator of the Heavens and the Earth.  A tiny glimpse is all we can handle right now.


I attended Todd’s young church plant on Sunday morning and loved it.  I talked with my other cousin Jess who is planting a church from scratch near Montreal.  I met with my friend Dave Pedde who is starting a worship and discipleship training school in Toronto.  And their stories of faith and trust are an inspiration to me.  They are all in the middle of a journey that requires some pretty substantial faith.  But HE IS GOD, and these three guys know it, therefore it is not hard for them to put their trust in GOD.  They are great examples of faith to me as I am in the middle of a journey myself.


IF he is NOT God, well then we all had better make sure we have every scenario figured out and planned.  We better have piles of money set aside so we can be assured that we’ll be taken care of.




We live differently.  We trust completely.  We love fully.  We follow unwaveringly.  We have hope, even in our darkest hour.


I had the privilege of spending some time with my newly widowed cousin Kate.  She is in her early thirties.  She is now the single mom of three young kids.  She blew me away.  Simply put, she’s one of the most impressive young ladies I’ve ever met.  I can’t begin to imagine what the past two weeks of her life have been like.  I can’t imagine what the next several years of her life will be like.  But if you talk to her, mixed in with the grief, sorrow and tears, you’ll see it.  You can see that she knows GOD.


He IS GOD.  He is God who will be father to the father-less.  He is GOD who will be close to the brokenhearted.  He is God, who has known the day of Robbie’s death was coming since the beginning of time.  He is not shocked.  He is not at a loss as to how to care for Kate and her kids.  He is God, who is right now orchestrating circumstances, mending broken hearts, preparing the way for Kate to get through this.  Psalm 30:5 says that “weeping may last for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning”.


Kate is in the midst of the darkest of nights.


Dark nights suck.  They do.  If you’ve been there, you know.  But, He is GOD.  He will carry us through the dark nights and graciously brings us to the day when we are able to see the sun rise.




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