Sowing and Reaping

Posted on January 27, 2011 by Jeff

So the Chiropractor looked at my X Ray and said “If I had to bet, I’d say you did this when you ran head first in to the fence at softball”.  So I got in my car, popped in my mix tape and was on my way to Lifetime Fitness where somebody had just pooped in the pool.

Now, for the details:

I was at the chiropractor because I’ve been having a bunch of pain and stiffness in my back and shoulders.  I explained to her that I was running for a fly ball at softball a few weeks ago and I stumbled right before the chain link fence and kind of ran full speed, head first in the fence.  The result was a sore back and no kidding, a chain link fence pattern scrape in the top of my head.

So you now have the punch line to the joke:  “how can you tell that you have your Canadian Music Pastor playing on your softball team.”  (My woes with softball have been well documented… see my past blog “Old at Heart”)

As a result, I found myself at the chiropractor looking over my x ray that showed quite a significant side to side curve in my spine.  Nothing that 6 visits wont fix.

And just like that I was on my way home.  My phone was dead so I had to plug it in which rendered my car radio useless because I have a broken antenna because of going through a car wash with the antenna up a year ago.  When I plug in the car charger for my phone, the radio goes haywire.  I don’t have a CD player in the car because my car was built in the last Millenium. The only thing I had in the car to listen to was a “Mix Tape”.  I don’t know when I made this tape, but it was pretty good.

So the point today my friends is that there are causes and effects.  There’s sowing and reaping. If you buy and old car, you won’t have a CD player.  If you go through the car wash with your antenna up, it will eventually break.  If you don’t plug in your cell phone at night, it will die.  (this is most often a plus for me)  and If you try to show everyone that you’re better at softball than most Canadian, Musician, Pastors you’ll end up with a chain link grid imprinted in to the top of your head.

Another lesson of sowing and reaping: If you take your toddler to the pool at Lifetime without a swim diaper on, eventually they will poop in the pool thus shutting the whole thing down for an hour.  This happens all too often and I don’t quite understand it.  Seriously folks, just put the swim diaper on your kid. So here’s my question.  When someone poops in the pool are you glad they take every precaution and shut the thing down for one hour?… or… are you like me?

I’d prefer it if they would remove the actual unit of poop from the pool and just swish the surrounding water around a bit, blow the whistle and get us back to swimming.  The actual percentage of poop in the enormous pool has to be extremely low.  That’s a small price to pay verses sitting poolside for one whole hour.

Of course I have child in diapers.  Betty likes to show us she has a dirty diaper by sticking her hand down there and pulling out a handful for us to see.  So I remain un-phased when a kid puts a number in the pool.

So, there’s Law of Sowing and Reaping Number ‘Two’.

And the final lesson…  If you continue to blog about nothing, people will eventually stop reading.