Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted on January 27, 2011 by Jeff

(from Jan 2006)

I hate Cell Phones. I hate them. If you read my ‘ABOUT’ page you’ll learn that Monday mornings at Starbucks is therapy for me. Most Pastors need some sort of Monday therapy and when it’s not golf season we must consume caffeine. Anyway, I’m here at starbucks right now trying to enjoy my respite. Sitting 8 feet from me is a guy with his laptop (a Dell mind you) who is using his starbucks time to make a conference call on his cell phone. So it starts out with him shouting all the names of the call recipients in to his voice recognizing phone, there were five intended recipients of this call. He is currently on his 25th minute of shouting in to his phone while sipping away at what I have to assume is some Minty Mocha Skim something or other. Apparently he feels that since his call recipients are far cheap jerseys away he must speak very loudly. Either that or he is desiring my input.

I have since put my headphones on and am listening to “All This Time” by Sting in a passive aggressive displeasure move… very Canadian. If I were a true American, I’d stand up and throw something at him… Or I’d be on a conference call myself.

Society has become rather maladjusted since the advent of the Cell Phone. I know that they’re handy little things, but here are 8 ways in which Cell Phones are dismantling our world…

1- Interruption. I cant have a conversation with anyone anymore without Joe Anderson’s phone interrupting us… . Instantly whatever you’re doing becomes second on the priority list when a cell phone rings. And most of the time I’m enjoying what I’m doing more than talking on the phone. In fact the idea of the cell phone is in direct opposition to my core desire to avoid talking to people.

2- Demanding people. When I give in to my one year old Daughter’s desires, she becomes more and more demanding. Since the cell phone, wholesale jerseys does it not appear that people have become more and more annoyed when they can’t reach you right away?

3- Bad Drivers. no more said, I don’t think cell phones are responsible for the legion of awful drivers out there, but perhaps…

4- Communication skills. The average Teenager is becoming more and more capable of text messaging a Thesis in a matter of seconds but seems to be lacking in conversation skills. We’re in trouble when the phrase “L O L” is standard conversation.

5- Those ridiculous Blue Tooth Head Pieces. Come on… doesn’t anyone care enough about these people to tell them how silly they look standing in line at Subway (eat fresh) shouting in to thin air with the little robot thing attached to their head.?? This way you can avoid the hassle of pulling out your phone, you can be instantly interrupted.

6- Caller ID Dependency. I don’t have caller ID on my home phone. If I know who’s calling, it ruins the surprise. But people are used to caller ID and don’t identify themselves on the phone anymore and I have no idea who is calling me…. “Hello?” “Hey Jeff, what’s going on?” “……………….fine?”

7- Oblivious Starbucks Customers. Is my starbucks friend completely unaware that there is a store full of people that now are forced to listen in on his call? IS he infact the only person on the planet?

8- Rest. We are never fully removed from the stresses of life. We can never fully unwind.

So turn off your cell phones. Just make sure that they’re on when I need to reach you.