A creature WAS stirring

Posted on January 27, 2011 by Jeff

We have a dog.  His name is Buster.  I write about him from time to time and most of the time it’s not about his good qualities.

He doesn’t differentiate well between discipline time and play time (he’s like my youngest child Betty in that way).  This morning he kept running upstairs and swiping toys and clothes and causing general havoc.  So I was tying to keep him downstairs while I got dressed.  I would shoo him downstairs, say “SIT” in a stern voice and motion with my hand to stay there.  As soon as I’d turn my back he’d run up the stairs and then run back down as I’d start chasing him.  This continued several times, each time resulting in an increase of intensity both in the volume of my “SIT” and in the vigor in which I’d chase him back down the stairs.  Of course my family thinks this is the funniest thing… Buster is toying with Daddy again… he’s making him go crazy, causing him to run around the house in his underwear  yelling “SIT”.  It is now as I write this that I realize the Dog has won again.  He’s probably telling all of his neighborhood friends all about me right now.  Bad Dog.

We had a mouse in the house last week.  It was a four day ordeal.  Day one was the phone call from Kristie while I was at work.

Kristie:  Jeff! There’s a mouse in the house!  You have to come home right now!

Jeff:  Where is the mouse?

Kristie:  I think it’s in the laundry room.

Jeff:  Well, go in there and check.

This was the set up.  As the phone was put down and Kristie went to investigate the laundry room I waited on the other end of the phone anticipating what was to come.  I then was delighted to hear the Kristie screams coming through the phone all the way from the laundry room… I could then hear her frantic foot steps back toward the phone.


Jeff:  Send the dog in to get it.

Kristie:  I tried that.  It doesn’t notice the mouse.

Jeff:  Stupid dog.  Send Betty in to get it.

Kristie:  YOU HAVE TO COME HOME RIGHT NOW!  I have to go pick up Lucy from school and my keys are in the laundry room.

Jeff:  We’ll you have to get your keys and as soon as you do, you’ll scare the mouse and it will run away and I’ll come home and the mouse will be long gone.

That was the conversation.  I went home anyway to get the mouse.

Now Ladies, I’ll fill you in on a man secret.  We know we’re supposed to be tough and not scared of mice so we put on the tough exterior.  But deep down, we’re creeped out my mice. Of course that might just be the case in Weenie-Canadian-Musician-Men.

When I got home the mouse was no where to be found.  I pulled out the stove suspecting that’s where the mouse is coming in and I saw the mouse behind the kitchen cabinets.  Just sitting there… arrogant and superior.  So I did what all manly men do.  I grabbed a bacon flavored doggie treat and tossed it beside the mouse and said “Go get the treat Buster”.  Well Buster the dog strolled up and practically had to nudge the mouse out of the way with his snout to get his treat, ate the treat and made no attempt to get the mouse.

Jeff:  Stupid Dog.

So I went back to snatch the mouse but it ran away.  (thank goodness… I didn’t want to touch the thing… oops… I mean Lucky for the mouse…  I would have totally caught and killed him and probably eaten him)  So I stuffed the opening with steel wool and that was that.

Fast forward a couple of days.  I’m cleaning out the garage and Lucy comes out and says  “Buster is sniffing under the ottoman… I think the MOUSE might be under there”.

Jeff:  I don’t think the mouse would be out there, he probably just smells something that Betty hid under there.

A few minutes later…

Lucy:  DAD!  I know why Buster is sniffing under the ottoman… THE MOUSE IS UNDER THERE!  I SAW IT!

So I marched in and put on the manly-tough-father exterior meant to fill my 6 year old with a confidence that comes in knowing that her dad is supreme protector and lifted up the ottoman.  Secretly I was thinking… ‘oooh I don’t want to have to kill the mouse’.

Sure enough, as I lifted the ottoman, there it was.  Mouse… dead under the paw of Buster who was able to reach under and pin it.

Jeff:  Good Dog Buster!  GOOD DOG!  Now Lucy, lets see where we can hide this thing so Mommy will find it.